EF-40-10-KW 1 kW ICAS antenna

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Right behind the most recent addition to the Par EndFedz antenna line, the EF-ALLBAND-KW, we now offer a half-size version for the same antenna for the 40/20/15/10 meter bands also for 1 kW ICAS power handling called the EF-40-10-KW. Total length 64 ft. All stainless steel hardware, strain relief at the feedpoint, rugged construction designed to be put up once and left for permanent use. Weighing just over 1 pound, this antenna is also an ideal travel companion for multi-band operation without multi-pounds of weight added. Works well in sloper, vertical, straight, or inverted V configurations (see operation manual for mounting ideas)

Special offers for ready-made RG8X coaxial cable assemblies included with the purchase of the EF-40-10-KW made in the USA by INRAD are also available.

Uses the same heavy-duty hardware and feedpoint matchbox as used on the EF-ALLBAND-KW.  


Polarity: Depends on mounting configuration

Feedpoint impedance: 50 ohms

Frequency coverage: 40, 20, 15, 10 meter Amateur Radio bands

VSWR bandwidth 7 MHz: 300 kHz <2:1

VSWR bandwidth 14 MHz: 350 kHz <2:1

VSWR bandwidth 21 MHz: 450 kHz <2:1

VSWR bandwidth 28 MHz: 900 kHz 2:1

Power handling: 1 kW ICAS

Weight: 1 lb 2 oz (.53 kg)

Length: 64'

Matchbox construction: 49:1 transformer, 2x FT-240-43 toroids, #14 enameled wire windings, silver plated SO-239, Amphenol side air vent + vent and drain holes at bottom.

Antenna hardware: all stainless steel thimble and dual wire clips.

Radiator wire: #18 POLYSTEALTH polyethylene coated copper-clad.

$169.95 + shipping.

Click here to read the operating manual.