• NEW:  Vibroplex is now the exclusive USA and Canada dealer for 4O3A Signature products.  We expect to commence shipments in early February.
  • VIBROPLEX Morse Code keys.  The standard in Amateur Radio.  29 different models, made in USA.  2017 is our 112th year in business.
  • BENCHER Morse Code keys and accessories.  The Bencher BY-1 is the best selling iambic paddle in ham radio.  Iambic and single lever paddles, hand keys, YA-1 low pass filter.
  • INTERNATIONAL RADIO ("INRAD") featuring aftermarket and OEM crystal filters for receivers and transceivers from 1950's to the present.
  • SPIDERBEAM portable and HD wire yagi antennas featuring full-size elements for maximum performance.  Collapsible aluminum and fiberglass support masts and poles.   Vibroplex is the exclusive USA/Canada distributor.
  • YOUKITS featuring portable QRP transceivers both kit and assembled, portable antenna analyzers and other accessories.  Vibroplex is the exclusive U.S. distributor.      
  • EASY-ROTOR-CONTROL software and hardware packages for point-and-click USB of most Amateur Radio rotators.  Use stand-alone or interfaced to logging or rig control programs.  Vibroplex is the exclusive USA/Canada distributor.    
  • W7FG VINTAGE MANUALS - 17,000 titles for hard to find or out of print documentation for vintage radio, audio, military and other electronics equipment.

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