Japanese key manufacturer Hi-Mound was founded in 1947.  This economy priced series of code keys is suitable for the first-time CW operator or the veteran ham alike. 

Hi-Mound straight keys come in two versions known as the American and British style of sending code.  The American style is arm on the table, hand on the key knob which is close to the table ("low profile").  The British style uses a higher knob placement, elbow off the table, hand on the key knob without the operators arm touching the table ("high profile"). 

Low profile straight keys are models HK-705, -706, -707, -708.  Higher profile keys is models HK-709.

Check out the solid slab marble bases on the HK-808 model - truly a unique terrific look.

Vibroplex is the exclusive USA and Canada distributor for Hi-Mound, effective August 2020. 

HI-MOUND HK-705 economy straight key

HI-MOUND HK-706 straight key, clear cover

HI-MOUND HK-707 straight key, black cover

HI-MOUND HK-708 straight key, no cover

HI-MOUND HK-709 high profile straight key

HI-MOUND MK-705 Deluxe iambic paddle

HI-MOUND MK-706 Standard iambic paddle

HI-MOUND MK-701 Economy iambic paddle

HI-MOUND large Navy style replacement knob

HI-MOUND medium "mushroom" knob

HI-MOUND small button straight key knob