Vibroplex acquired the Par EndFedz® antenna product line from LNR Precision in September 2019.  We will continue production of these quality antennas in the same manner as LNR in the future.

The Par EndFedz® are full length half wave dipoles, but with an important difference.  The coax connector is at one end of the dipole, where it is most needed.  These antennas can be mounted horizontally, vertically, or as a sloper.  No ground plane or counterpoise is needed.  Portable operation could not be easier.  Simply hang the far end from a tree-limb - the coax is at the bottom.  Hang it from a hotel room window.  Use one of our Spiderbeam 40ft fiberglass poles to get it really high in the air.  Supplied end insulators make suspension easy.

UV resistant ABS plastic housing encloses an efficient LC matching network allowing the antenna to be fed with common 50 ohm coaxial cable.  All hardware is stainless steel, silver/teflon SO-239 connector.  #18 and #26 gauge stranded copperweld radiator wire is custom made for us in 100,000 ft runs.  Tough 100% UV stable polyethylene jacket.  200# breaking strength.  One end of the antenna has a #10 solder lug making attachment to the antenna simple and allowing the radiator portion to be replaced if necessary.  Power rating for standard single band versions is a conservative 100 watts, high power versions 300 watts.  Ideal for portable operation.  Lightweight - the 20 meter version, for example, weighs only 8 ounces.  All black construction makes them difficult to see.

No counterpoise necessary.  An end-fed dipole can energize the radiator nearly as well as a center-fed without need of additional counterpoise or other extra conductors.  Read a concise explanation written by John Huggins of this here.

There are hundreds of positive reviews of Par EndFedz® antennas available via  Click here to read them.

Check out the FAQ and specifications page for answers to specific questions and to see the power handling and SWR ratings.

A link to read the operator manual for each antenna is included on the individual antenna pages.