Series M-I adapter for modern 8 pin Icom rigs, retail price $14.95

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INRAD series M-I adapter for modern Icom transceivers.  Available at no charge with purchase of microphone for a limited time only.

Usable with modem Icom transceivers:  746Pro, all 756Pro series I / II / III, 7300, 7600, 7610, 7700, 7800, 7850, 7851.

8 pin mic connector, 1/4" mono jack for PTT hand or footswitch insertion, 1/8" mono jack for connection of microphone cable.  Microphone cable supplied with new INRAD microphone purchase.

Earlier Icom models not listed above utilized significantly lower microphone gain than the modern transceivers and are are unsuitable for use with INRADĀ® dynamic microphones.


Place your order for a microphone and proceed to the checkout.  When you are asked for your name and billing address, a comments box titled "Your notice to us:" will appear at the bottom.  In this box, ask for the adapter you want to be included with your purchase.