INRAD Microphones, cables, and accessories

Aside from the complete DMS Desk Microphone System, INRAD microphones, the DMS-1 PTT stand and other accessories are also available as individual items.

The M-series microphones and the DMS-1 PTT locking base have received an enthusiastic review in the January 2018 issue of QST magazine.  Read the complete review here.  The review summary: "An excellent audio signal from a reasonably-priced, high-quality microphone.

The M-series microphone line consists of 5 different microphones, each with a dynamic element unique to that specific model.  Accessories include the DMS-1 PTT stand and its DM-series detachable coiled rig cables, hand (M-HS) and foot (M-FS) switches, and M-series mic jack adapters for connection to 8 pin Kenwood/Elecraft, 8 pin Yaesu/Ten-Tec/FlexRadio, modern 8 pin Icom, RJ-45 modular Yaesu/FlexRadio, 3.5mm FlexRadio.

The DMS-1 PTT stand includes the base with standpipe and mic clip, and a short 3 pin XLR to 1/8" mono cable to plug the mic into the base.  The DM-series coiled detachable cables for 8 pin Icom, 8 pin Elecraft/Kenwood, 8 pin Yaesu/Ten-Tec and RJ-45 modular Yaesu to connect from the base to the transceiver are also sold as a separate item and are required to use the DMS-1 with your transceiver.

Complete technical and descriptive information on each microphone can be viewed by clicking the More Details tabs at the bottom of the page.  Each INRAD microphone is supplied with a 3 pin XLR to 1/8" mono cable, which is in turn connected to your HF transceiver with an appropriate adapter.

To use INRAD microphones without the DMS-1 PTT stand:  M-series microphones are supplied with a cable 6.5 feet long with 3 pin XLR on one end, and 1/8" male mono on the other end.  Using one of the M-I, M-K, M-Y, M-YM adapters, connect the 1/8" male mono mic plug to the 1/8" female receptacle on the adapter.  The second 1/4" female receptacle is for a PTT hand or footswitch.  Without a PTT switch, the microphone can be used in VOX mode on your HF transceiver.   For FlexRadio 6400 and 6600 transceivers, we offer an XLR to 3.5mm stereo cable wired for direct connection to transceiver mic jack.  Hand or footswitch can be connected direct to the rear panel RCA phono PTT jack. 


M629:  The INRAD M629 is a revolution in price versus performance for Amateur Radio microphones.  This undirectional cardioid dynamic microphone features a large 1.125" diaphragm and an internal rubber element suspension system for reducing undesirable noise.  Excellent 180 degree rear rejection cardioid response.  Excellent articulation across the specified frequency response with a rise in response to match the voice characteristics of speech.  Output tailored to rise from 500 Hz, crossing 1 kHz up to 4 kHz, exaggerating the microphone output frequency response of these vocal frequencies.  The result is clear, overall well-articulated audio response tailored to match intelligibility of human voice.  Our top of the line microphone, along with the M650.  $79.   

M650 is our line-leading counterpart to the M629.  Featuring a unique cardioid dynamic element with a response pattern similar to both the M629 and the M665.  What differentiates the M650 from the M629 is an abrupt response change above 1 kHz to 2 kHz then flat response to 4 kHz.  This microphone has well articulated overall audio response but has overall higher-end output suitable for DXing or contesting, or running the rig with speech processing turned on.  Lower frequencies are somewhat diminished relative in output to the higher ones, giving the sound more high end punch with slightly less low end response.  Classic ball microphone hood and an internal breath screen.  Well-articulated overall audio with plenty of high end punch for DX operation and/or using the speech processor on the radio to drive output.  Top of the line unit like M629. $79. 

M686 is a cousin to the M629, with excellent transmit audio response from a unique cardioid unidirectional dynamic element.  Compared to the M629, the M686 has a similar high end rise in the 2 to 4 kHz range, with slightly elevated higher end output useful for DXing or use with the speech processor on, with slightly less low end response while retaining an overall well-rounded audio profile.  Black metal frame, squared off metal microphone hood.  $69.

M665 features a retro chrome look reminiscent of the classic Shure 565.  The M665 is similar in overall response to the M650, except the abrupt rise from 1 to 2 kHz in audio response on the M665 does not occur until after 2 kHz.  Overall, this microphone has a little bit less higher frequency audio output plus a slightly flatter response from 100 Hz to 2 kHz than the M650.  Similar to M650, but with less high-end punch and slightly better overall frequency response.  Unique cardioid dynamic unidirectional element.  Built-in spherical breath and pop filter on the element.  Sounds great!  $69. 
M628:  Flat audio response for accurate reproduction of voice spoken into the microphone with 40 Hz-15 kHz response, metal frame and element ball hood.  Flat overall response across all vocal frequencies without a boost a specific frequencies to cut the lows or highs down.  An excellent all-purpose microphone that can be used with just about any HF transceiver.  Clean, clear SSB transmit audio at a nice price!  $59.

INRAD M629 microphone

INRAD M650 microphone

INRAD M686 microphone

INRAD M665 microphone

INRAD M628 Microphone


INRAD DM-I Icom 8 pin detachable cable for DMS-1 PTT stand - see details

INRAD DM-K Kenwood / Elecraft 8 pin detachable cable for DMS-1 PTT stand

INRAD DM-Y Yaesu / Ten-Tec / FlexRadio 8 pin detachable cable for DMS-1 PTT stand

INRAD DM-YM Yaesu / FlexRadio RJ-45 modular jack detachable cable for DMS-1 PTT stand

Series M-I adapter for modern 8 pin Icom rigs

Series M-K adapter for 8 pin Kenwood / Elecraft rigs

Series M-Y adapter for 8 pin Yaesu, Ten-Tec, FlexRadio rigs

Series M-YM adapter for RJ-45 modular Yaesu / FlexRadio rigs

INRAD M-F cable for 3.5mm FlexRadio 6400/6600

INRAD M-FS footswitch

INRAD M-HS PTT handswitch