ERC provides interfaces for more than 90 different rotators.  Choose the right interface for your application with this guide.  More information is shown on each individual product page.

For control of a single azimuth rotator:

ERC Version 4 USB is a universal interface with relay outputs.  It is a PC board that installs inside the rotator control box.

  • Sold as a kit or assembled
  • Direct USB control
  • Compatible with almost any conventional rotator.  See the ERC Version 4 USB page to see the complete support list.


ERC Version 4 RS232 is a universal interface with relay outputs, identical in function to the Version 4 USB version except using RS232 control instead of USB.  The RS232 version is only sold as a kit.


ERC-Mini DX and ERC-Mini SDX is designed for a single azimuth rotator with a remote output connector.

  • ERC Mini DX is for Yaesu -DXA and -DXC rotators only
  • Sold assembled only
  • External box, connects with cables between rotator control box EXT CONTROL rear panel jack and USB port on your computer


  • ERC Mini SDX is for Yaesu -SDX series rotators only
  • Sold assembled only
  • Assembled circuit board mounts internal to Yaesu SDX rotator control box.  Plug-in connection.  No soldering.  Connect direct with USB cable between circuit board and your computer.



ERC-M is for controlling two (2) rotators, either a single AZ/EL rotator like the Yaesu G5400/5500/5600 series or a pair of azimuth rotators (example: 2 stacked yagis on 2 separate rotators).

  • Sold as three versions:  RS232 kit, USB kit, SMD assembled for both RS232 and USB.  PC board.
  • Optional:  Case, housing with AZ/EL indicators on front panel display, LAN control.
  • Optional: Rotorcard with relays for use with HyGain and other rotators.