ERC Mini SDX:  Rotation control for Yaesu -SDX series rotators. Complete circuit board is installed inside the rotator control box and is connected to your PC with a supplied USB cable.  Sold assembled only, not as a kit.

Included with ERC Mini SDX are:

  • Assembled and tested PC board
  • USB cable.  Unit is powered +5 VDC from USB port.  Does not require 12VDC power.
  • Software calibration tool for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 32 and 64 bit
  • ERC rotator control software for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 32 and 64 bit


Like other ERC products, the included control software can be used stand-alone or interfaced to many popular transceiver control and logging programs.  Install the included software calibration tool to automatically calibrate and configure your rotator.  Open the ERC software, and start turning the rotator!

Compare the ERC Mini SDX with a competing Idiom Press product:

                                                                       ERC Mini SDX        Idiom Press Rotorcard for Yaesu SDX Series 

Interfaces to popular rig control and log programs       Yes                                              No

Direct USB control                                                     Yes                                             No

Calibration software included                                      Yes                                             No

Assembled price                                                    $122.95                                      $148.90

Standard screen graphic for ERC control software.  To turn the rotator, mouse over any spot on the circular azimuth indicator, click, and the rotator will start turning.  For small adjustments, clicking on the << or >> button moves the rotator the same way physically pushing the buttons on the front of the rotator control box would.  A specific target point can be typed into the box next to the GO 1 button.  In the example shown, 338 degrees is the target - click on GO 1 and the rotator will move to 338.  Rotation can be canceled at any time by clicking STOP 1.  A parking position for the rotator can be programmed into the PARK 1 box.  Very easy to use!

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