SIX POUNDS OF SOLID STEEL. Made to stay put on the operating table! USA forged cold-rolled steel base measuring (1.5" H x 3.5" W x 3.5" D.  Large oversize acrylic finger pieces are 2.125" tall at their tallest point - large paddles accommodate a large hand easily and take minimal hand movement to use. Three versions are available. The Standard uses a non-jeweled movement with a pin and socket arrangement identical to other VIBROPLEX Iambic Paddles. The Standard Upgraded is built the same as the Standard, with the pin and socket movement upgraded to the Deluxe jeweled movement. The Deluxe model also features the Deluxe jeweled movements with all chrome top parts and base.

What's jeweled vs. non-jeweled movements? 
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Vibrocube Standard

Vibrocube Standard Upgraded

Vibrocube Deluxe

Vibrocube Dustcover

3 wire cable - 3.5mm connector

3 wire cable - 1/4 inch connector