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What's New - Be sure to check out our ever increasing inventory of the latest amateur radio products and accessories.

NEW:  Vibroplex is now the exclusive USA and Canada dealer for 4O3A Signature products. We expect to commence shipments in early February.

VIBROPLEX Morse Code keys. The standard in Amateur Radio. 29 different models. Made in USA.  2017 is our 112th year in business.

BENCHER Morse Code keys and accessories.  The Bencher BY-1 is the best selling iambic paddle in ham radio. Iambic and single lever paddles, hand keys, YA-1 low pass filter.

INTERNATIONAL RADIO ("INRAD") featuring aftermarket and OEM crystal filters for receivers and transceivers from 1950's to present.

SPIDERBEAM portable and HD wire yagi antennas featuring full-size elements for maximum performance.  Collapsible aluminum and fiberglass support masts and poles. Vibroplex is the exclusive USA/Canada distributor.

YOUKITS featuring portable QRP transceivers both kit and assembled, portable antenna analyzers and other accessories. Vibroplex is the exclusive U.S. distributor.

EASY-ROTOR-CONTROL software and hardware packages for point-and-click USB of most Amateur Radio rotators. Use stand-alone or interfaced to logging or rig control programs. Vibroplex is the exclusive USA/Canada distributor.

W7FG VINTAGE MANUALS - 17,000 titles for hard to find or out of print documentation for vintage radio, audio, military and other electronics equipment.

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