Spiderbeam's® telescoping fiberglass "Spiderpoles" were designed to be the best compromise between weight and height. Our 40 ft poles are easily the best selling pole available today and are virtually impossible to break.  Primarily designed for Amateur Radio use as on-the-ground mounting support for wire antennas. 

Our Par EndFedz® end-fed half wave antennas are a good choice for use with these poles.  Spiderbeam® also has a line of several multi-band wire antennas we sell to the USA and Canada as well.

Made in Germany.  We ship only to the USA and Canada for Spiderbeam®  For other countries, please see the main Spiderbeam® Germany website at www.spiderbeam.com

Click this link to read instructions for guying fiberglass poles.

Click for install instructions for 40 ft and 60 ft poles. Document applies to both versions.

Spare / repair parts are at the end of this page.

Spiderbeam® 23ft / 7m fiberglass mini pole

Spiderbeam® 23ft / 7m fiberglass eyelet mini pole

Spiderbeam® 33ft / 10m fiberglass mini pole

Spiderbeam® 33ft / 10m fiberglass eyelet mini pole

Spiderbeam® 40ft /12m HD fiberglass pole

Spiderbeam® 40ft /12m HD fiberglass pole + eyelet

Spiderbeam® 40ft / 12m pole eyelet top segment

Spiderbeam GOPAK with 404-UL, 40 ft pole, other accessories

Spiderbeam® 60ft / 18m HD fiberglass pole

Spiderbeam® 72ft / 22m HD fiberglass pole

Spiderbeam® 85ft / 26m HD fiberglass pole

Spiderbeam® 40ft / 12m guy belt set

Spiderbeam® clamp kit for 40 ft / 12m pole

Spiderbeam® 60ft / 18m guy belts

Spiderbeam® 23ft / 33ft mini pole carry bag

Spiderbeam® large pole / yagi carry bag

Spiderbeam® 50m (164ft) 2mm diameter Kevlar rope

Spiderbeam® 100m (328ft) 1mm diameter Kevlar rope

Spiderbeam® rope line tensioner

Spiderbeam® wire vertical antenna connection box

Spiderbeam® 1 element quad kit

Spiderbeam® 4m fiberglass pole

Spare tube segment, 40 ft pole

End cap for 40 ft pole

End cap for 60 ft pole