Need control of an AZ/EL rotator, or two azimuth rotators from a single interface?

The ERC-M is your solution.

  • Sold in 3 versions: RS232 kit, USB kit, SMD assembled for both or either RS232 and USB control. The kit versions use through-hole components.
  • ERC-M can be connected direct to any rotator that uses a remote connector like Create and many Yaesu rotators. For other rotators, there are a variety of connections used or the optional Rotorcard with relays can be attached. See the ERC-M rotator selection guides further down this page.
  • Optional:  Slimline case for ERC-M circuit board
  • Optional:  External housing for AZ/EL rotators only with front panel readout of directional settings.
  • Optional:  LAN control

Practical examples of uses for ERC-M:

  • The most common application is to use ERC-M to control an AZ/EL rotator like the Yaesu G5400/G5500/G5600, with AZ and EL controlled separately.
  • Two yagis on two azimuth rotators in a stacked configuration with HyGain rotators on each? Or one HyGain and one Yaesu? Or any other combination of 2 rotators? Use single ERC-M unit > cables > Rotorcards for each rotator. Use the PstRotator software package sold by YO3DMU to control 2 rotators with a single port. PstRotator interfaces to almost every ham software package available, Ham Radio Deluxe, contest loggers, etc. You will be able to run both rotators from a contest logger like N1MM+ with a single ERC-M, 2 Rotorcards, and the PstRotator software interface. See the YO3DMU page by clicking this link.


Click here for the supported rotator list with output connector info.

Reading the rotator list, a sample line would read:


G-5400 with DIN-connector


8-pin DIN


In this case, the output from the 15 pin ERC-M board connector (both halves supplied with unit, one PC board mount, the other for making your cable) would be connected to the 8-pin DIN control jack on the rear of the G-5400 control box.  You need a multi-wire cable and an 8 pin DIN connector, also available from us.






For the T2X, the 15 pin ERC-M board connector (both halves supplied with unit, one PC board mount, the other for making your cable) connects to the Mini-DIN jack on the Rotorcard.  Mini-DIN cable supplied with Rotorcard.  Terminal blocks on the Rotorcard are wired to connections inside the rotator box to actuate the rotator.


We offer cables and connectors as accessories.

Click here for a pictorial ERC-M and accessory selection guide.  This shows picking your ERC-M interface, options, connectivity. 

Click here for the specifications on the ERC-M unit

ERC-M SMD Assembled


ERC-M RS232 Kit

ERC-M LAN Option Kit

ERC-M Optional Rotorcard Kit

ERC-M Slimline Case

ERC-M AZ/EL Desktop Housing

YDC - DC power pigtail

ERC 8 pin DIN to 15 pin ERC M board assembled cable

ERC 8 pin DIN + cable

ERC 5 pin DIN connector

ERC 6 pin DIN connector

ERC 6 pin Mini-DIN cable

ERC 8 wire cable

ERC 8 pin flat connector