Spiderbeam® 1:1 balun assembled HEAVY DUTY

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Upgraded balun over the unit as used in our Spiderbeam® yagi antennas, a W1JR type coax choke with extremely good balancing properties on 10 - 28 MHz and quite good balancing properties on 3.5 - 7 MHz.

Factory assembled, ready to use.  Only high quality parts are used.  Dual stack of Fair-Rite FT-240-61 ferrite toroids (standard balun uses only 1), Teflon coax cable, rugged UV resistant plastic housing. Higher power capability for FT8 and digital modes.

Can be used with any of the Spiderbeam yagis or the 40m dipole add on kits

Maximum power:

For antennas with an SWR under 3:1 - up to 4000W SSB/CW, 1000 watts key down digital
For antennas with an SWR over 3:1 - up to 1000W, 250 watts key down digital