160m wire vertical kit for 60 ft pole, pole included

  • Description

Complete kit contains all needed parts - including the 60 ft pole - for building an effective 160m top hat wire vertical on our 60 ft fiberglass pole.  This is a lightweight but robust design ideal for portable or permanent usage.  Power rating 1500W continuously.

Parts List:

1x      Spiderbeam 60ft fiberglass pole
1x      clamp set for 60ft fiberglass pole
1x      7mm nut driver - for tightening the clamps
1x      Guy belt set for 60ft fiberglass pole
3x      50m (164ft) roll Kevlar guy line - for guying the fiberglass pole
66ft   CQ-532 antenna wire (AWG 18) for building the vertical radiator wire
203ft   CQ-534 antenna wire (AWG 26) for building the 4 top capacitance hat wires
328ft  roll PVDF Monofil for guying the 4 top hat wires
14x  Insulators
1x     Radial Connection Box
18 inches  Heat shrink tube 6/2mm
16 1/3 ft   Kevlar rope (1mm diameter)
25x   4 inch long x 1/8 inch UV resistant cable ties
5x    12 inch ling x 3/16 inch UV resistant cable ties

To read the construction manual, click here