Struts for mounting rotator to quadpod

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Set of 4 struts and other hardware for mounting a rotator to quadpod and aluminum mast

This set of struts works well with all rotators where the bottom clamp can be removed.  These struts have been proven to work well and were designed for with the Yaesu rotator series and have the correct bolts for attachment to the bottom of the rotator.  Other brands like Hy-Gain may require substitution of the M8/35mm bolts for the non-metric item used. 

Complete list of parts contained in this set:

4x rotator strut
4x stainless steel bolts M8X35mm (for mounting rotator to strut)
16x M8 washers, stainless steel
4x M8 lockwasher, stainless steel
4x stainless steel bolt M6X40mm (for attaching strut ends to tripod legs)
12x M6 washers, stainless steel
8x M6 nut, stainless steel
4x M6 lockwasher, stainless steel
4x M6 wing nuts

Struts installed on bottom of quadpod: