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GHD Straight Key

The GHD GT705A is the standard straight key model.  All hairline “brushed” finish on both base and all mechanical parts, all chrome plated.  Relatively small size at 2 inches x 4 inches (50mm x 100mm) and weight of only 1 lb 5 ounces make this an easy key to use either at home on the desk or pocket it for portable use.  Precision ball bearings on the movement, silver plated contacts, wide range of spring pressure adjustment and spacing available – this key can be spaced very close for a light touch if desired or open it up for a big clacky straight key feel.  Large black knob.  Tabs under bottom of key for cable connection.  The Vibroplex key connection cables can be used with this product but as the tabs are small the spade lugs on the cable will have to be removed before attachment.