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Classic iambic paddle "DX"

The GHD GN607DXF is the performance version of their classic smooth light-touch GN607F iambic paddle.  

Very low mechanical noise.  Base is hardened mirror finish chrome, hairline “brushed” finish on mechanical parts, also all chrome plated. 

The GN607F and GN607DXF are identical keys except on the DXF model the position of the springs and contacts are reversed to put the contacts further away from the finger pieces. 

The GN607DXF model puts the distance between the lever fulcrum and the contact and the lever fulcrum and the fingertip at about a 1:1 ratio.  As a result, the touch of the DXF model will be a little bit harder than the F model.  Consider a car analogy – the GN607F is a light easy to drive model and the GN607DXF is a sports car with harder suspension and sharp steering. 

Comparable to Bencher iambic paddles – which have a lighter touch (like GN607F), and our Vibroplex iambics that have a slightly more tight harder feel with the added side effect of more adjustment range (like GN607DXF).  These are strictly personal preferences – one is not necessarily “better” than the other. 

GN507F and GN507DXF are the same mechanical movements as their GN607F and GN607DXF counterparts but the 507 series keys are built on a physically larger base than the 607’s. 

Red finger pieces.  Gold plated contacts.

Compatible with our Vibroplex CP-3 or CP-3/3.5mm transceiver cables.