RX Master Receive Antenna Controller

Control multiple receive antennas and RX-only bandpass filters automatically from band decoders or with manual switching.

The 4O3A RX Master Receive Antenna Controller allows for up to 4 receive antennas to be interfaced to a single transceiver.  Built-in RX-only bandpass filters with ~45 dB of out of band rejection for 160, 80, 40 meters with automatic band switching possible from band decoders to a 15 pin jack on the back of the unit.  Antennas can be manually switched from the front panel or controlled by +12VDC inputs on a rear panel DB-9 connector. 

+12 VDC can be sent as an output from the unit on any of the 4 antenna jacks by front panel selection for actuating remote preamps or other antenna switching.

16 dB low noise preamp, variable, built-in.  36 dB range variable attenuator (-6 to -42 db).  S/N input check puts a 50 ohm load on the front end to set RF gain on the transceiver properly. 

Alphanumeric display plus LED indicators on front panel to show switching status at any given moment. 


  • Antenna inputs: 4, RX-only, 50 ohms nominal, F connectors.
  • Preamp:  Variable, 0-16 dB.  In/out switchable
  • Attenuator:  Variable, 6-42 dB.  In/out switchable.
  • Power required:  12-15 VDC, 300 mA, 5.5 x 2.1mm DC female power connector.
  • Display: alphanumeric LCD
  • Connection: direct to transceiver RX ANT input, or for certain transceivers employing a RX loop (e.g. Icom) can be direct connected via the loop.


YDC - DC power pigtail