The mAT-TUNER mAT-50.  Similar in design concept and utility as the mAT-40, except usable with any HF transceiver.  mAT-50 is an outdoor weatherproof longwire and vertical wire tuner.  A single wing nut antenna connector is on the tuner rear.  Control heads for Icom, Kenwood, and Yaesu transceivers that have external tuner capability are available to control the tuner from the radio TUNE button.  mAT-50 can also be used with any HF transceiver and any control head by applying 12 VDC and transmitting RF to the outdoor unit to enable tuning.

mAT-50 control signals are sent via bias-T injection of 12 VDC applied to the antenna coaxial cable.  For use with control heads, connect control head to your HF transceiver with supplied transceiver cable to the external antenna tuner jack on the radio.  It is not necessary to add a separate 12 VDC signal.  Automatic control by using the radio TUNE button is provided including setting power output to the correct level to activate the tuner.  The control head is also connected to the antenna jack on the radio by 50 ohm coax cable (user supplied).  Antenna coax connected directly to control head.

Alternatively, the mAT-50 can be used with any HF transceiver by connecting 12 VDC to the tuner.  Instead of a dedicated transceiver control cable, apply 12 VDC to any of the control head models.  Reduce power output on transceiver to 10 watts, transmit a signal to the tuner and it will tune.  Then set power output back to desired level, tuner capability outside of tuning mode is 120 watts.   

Made for permanent external outdoor use.  Uses 50 ohm coax for feedline.  The tuner is used at the antenna feedpoint.  The rear panel uses an insulated wingnut connector for attachment of a single wire antenna.  A common recommended length is 40-43 feet, which should be tunable on all HF bands with the mAT-50. 

16,000 memories, 1.8-54 MHz operation with built-in frequency sensor.

For mounting, mAT-50 has metal tabs at all 4 corners to accommodate bolts or screws.


- 0.1 to 120 watts SSB and CW power (100 watts max above 50 MHz).  60 watts for keydown digital modes.

- 1.8-54 MHz continuous coverage

- 5 to 1500 ohms matching range

- Minimum tunable antenna length 10 ft.  May not tune any given length of wire on all bands, the longer the wire the better potential frequency coverage via the mAT-50.

- Outdoor unit dimensions:  8 7/8" deep x 5 1/8" wide x 1 3/4" high

- Outdoor unit weight: 2.2 lb (1 kg)

- Indoor control head dimensions:  5" wide x 4 1/8" deep x 1 3/4" high

- Indoor control head weight: 14 oz (0.4 kg)

mAT-50 requires a control head to operate.  Select either the appropriate model for your transceiver or any of the 3 models will work with 12 VDC control if not using direct transceiver control.

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mAT-50 remote control feedpoint tuner

MAT-50-K Kenwood control head for MAT-50

MAT-50-M Icom control head for MAT-50

MAT-50-Y Yaesu control head for MAT-50