New!  MAT-Y200 200 watt Yaesu antenna tuner.  Operates with all modern 100 watt Yaesu transceivers that are capable of using the MAT-30.  Run higher power on FT8!

mAT-Y200 is engineered to integrate with Yaesu transceivers.  The mAT-Y200 connects to one of CAT/LINEAR and LIN/TUN port on the back of the radio (description varies by model) and is operated by the front panel of the radio through this interface.  mAT-CY connection cable to radio is supplied with tuner.  12 volts DC to power tuner sent from radio via mAT-CY transceiver connection cable. 

Provides automatic antenna tuning across the entire HF spectrum plus 6 meters at power levels up to 200 watts (100 watts max above 50 MHz).  It will tune dipoles, verticals, yagis, long wires, or virtually any other coax-fed antenna.  Impedance matching range of 5 to 1500 ohms far exceeds the capability of the transceiver internal automatic antenna tuner. 16,000 frequency memories for instant recall of previously used settings. 

Yaesu transceivers that support the FC-30, FC-40, FC-50 Yaesu external tuners can be used with mAT-30.

Partial list of compatible Yaesu rigs: FT-DX10, FT-100D, FT-857/D, FT-897/D, FT-450/D, FT-710 AESS, FT-891, FT-950, FT-991, FT-991A, FTDX-1200, FTDX-3000.

Superior build quality with machined, black oxidized aluminum case and excellent multi-layer circuit boards.


- 0.1 to 200 watts SSB and CW, 100 watts max continuous duty keydown digital modes on HF.  Max 100 watts 50 MHz and above.

- 1.8-54 MHz continuous coverage

- 16,000 frequency memories

- 5 to 1500 ohms matching range

- Tuning time 0.1 to 5 seconds for full tuning cycle, 0.1 second to return to previous memory setting

- Control from Yaesu transceivers that have FC-30, FC-40, FC-50 interface capability via supplied cable

The FTDX101MP transceiver is set by Yaesu's tuner interface for a maximum of 100 watts power output when using an external autotuner.  FTDX5000 does not support the use of an external tuner.


MAT-Y200 automatic antenna tuner