The new mAT-705 automatic antenna tuner for the Icom 705 offered in the USA and Canada by Vibroplex.

The new mAT-705 antenna tuner is designed specifically for use with the new Icom 705 QRP transceiver.  Connect the mAT-705 directly to the TUNER jack on the IC-705 with the included cable and control the antenna tuner directly from the front panel of the radio or use RF-sensing to actuate the tuner when changing bands.  1.8-54 MHz, 5-1500 ohms matching range, 16000 user memories recalling previous used settings internal to the tuner when returning to an earlier used frequency. 

The tuner is powered by an internal standard 9 volt alkaline battery.  Power saving technology inside the tuner allows the use of the unit for months without replacement.  No battery power is consumed by the unit when powered off. 

1 year parts and labor warranty administered in the USA and Canada by Vibroplex.  As with all brands of items we sell from our business we administer warranties and conduct repair services at our office in Knoxville, TN., USA.

Click here to read a preliminary version of the operation manual.

We are taking orders for the mAT-705 for delivery estimated in late September.  We will do everything possible to get these units here sooner within the limitations of the current state of worldwide shipping carriers.

Orders placed today are not a reservation system, your credit card will be charged in full at time of order. 

If you prefer not to have this done please wait to order until we have confirmed stock immediately available.  This will be announced on our website the day they arrive.  

We are offering the mAT-705 in 3 packages:

  • by itself with tuner control cable only included
  • tuner with control cable plus BNC male to BNC male 3ft RG58 coaxial cable to connect radio antenna jack and tuner input at $10 additional
  • tuner with control cable plus BNC male to BNC male 3ft RG58 coaxial cable to connect radio antenna jack and tuner input and 50 ft RG58 antenna feedline with BNC male for tuner on one end and standard PL-259 on the other at $30 additional ($10 for BNC cable, only $20 more for 50 ft of coax with appropriate connectors installed).

mAT-705 tuner

mAT-705 with BNC-BNC coaxial connection cable

mAT-705 with BNC-BNC coaxial connection cable and 50 ft RG58 coaxial cable with connectors