The mAT-180H is an automatic antenna tuner designed for modern Icom and Kenwood HF transceivers. It has two control cables to choose from, mAT-CI (Icom) and mAT-CK (Kenwood).  mAT-CI for Icom is included standard with the tuner.  mAT-CK is sold as an option. 

Different from its counterpart the mAT-K100, the mAT-180H allows manual fine tuning with L and C up/down buttons on the front of the tuner to make small adjustments to tuned SWR if desired, SAVE button on the front panel allows writing a manually entered setting to memory.  

mAT-180H also has a direct connection wire antenna lug on the rear panel. 

1.8-54 MHz matching range at power levels up to 120 watts.  It will tune dipoles, verticals, yagis, long wires, or virtually any other coax-fed antenna.  Impedance matching range of 5 to 1500 ohms far exceeds the capability of the internal automatic antenna tuner.  120 watts power handling capability.  Superior build quality with machined, black oxidized aluminum case and excellent multi-layer circuit boards.


- 0.1-120 watts SSB/CW power.  30 watts for keydown digital modes.  100 watts maximum above 50 MHz.

- 1.8-54 MHz continuous coverage

- Tuning time 0.1-5 for full tuning cycle.  0.1 second to return to previously stored memory

- 16,000 frequency memories

- 5 to 1500 ohm impedance matching range

- Dimensions 7 7/8" deep, 5 1/8" wide, 1 5/8" height (20 x 13 x 4 cm)

- Weight 1 lb 12 oz (0.8 kg)


Click this link to read the operation manual 


mAT-CK accessory Kenwood cable for mAT-K100, mAT-180H