The mAT-125E is a general use external automatic antenna tuner for use with any HF transceiver.  Automatic RF-sensed or manual tuning modes.  RF-sensing means no external control cable is needed.  As the unit uses internal rechargeable lithium batteries, it also eliminates the need for 12VDC from an external source.  Connect a 50 ohm coax cable between the radio and the tuner and you are ready to use. 

1.8-54 MHz, 5-1500 ohms matching range, 16,000 frequency memories, can be used QRP as the tuner requires only as little as 100 mW to actuate.

Two 18650 lithium batteries installed inside tuner to provide power for the tuner.  mAT-125E uses little power while tuning and essentially zero power when in standby, meaning the unit can be run for a very long time off of a single battery charge whether in use at home or the field.  Rechargeable batteries and charger included with tuner. 

Superior build quality with machined, black oxidized aluminum case and excellent multi-layer circuit boards.


- 0.1-120 watts SSB/CW power, 30 watts on keydown digital modes.  100 watts max above 50 MHz.

- 1.8-54 MHz continuous operation.  Built-in frequency sensor.

- Latching relays for ultra-low power operation

- Tuning time 0.1-5 second for full tune cycle, 0.1 second to recall previously stored memories

- 16,000 memories for near instantaneous frequency and band changes

- Tuning range 5 to 1500 ohms impedance

- Internal rechargeable #18650 lithium batteries.  Batteries and charger included.

- Dimensions 7 7/8" deep, 5 1/8" wide, 1 5/8" height (20 x 13 x 4 cm)

- Weight 1 lb 12 oz (0.8 kg)

Click this link to read the operation manual