INRAD Coaxial Cables Information Page

Don't like crimp-on connectors?  We don't either.  INRAD offers our new American-made RG213/U and RG8X cable assemblies sold ONLY with soldered-on shield and center conductor PL-259's.  No crimping means no connectors breaking electrical contact with the cable.  No crimping means when flexing a cable, no wire shifting and loosening inside the crimped joint.  No crimping means NO WORRYING.

INRAD cable assemblies with soldered-on connectors sell for a lower retail price than competitor cables with crimped-on connectors.

How can we do this?  We have access to the best cable manufacturing at the best prices in the United States. Warehousing large quantities of our cables at the manufacturing facility means we can ship direct to anywhere instantly without the added cost of having the cable delivered to us first.  Pre-cut assembly lengths are stocked for quick delivery  Custom orders ship within 2 business days.  Minimum order for custom lengths is 100 feet, with or without connectors installed. 


Price comparison chart:

 How does INRAD compare? 100 ft. RG-213/U with connectors  100 ft. RG8X with connectors
 DX Engineering $118.45 delivered, crimp-on connectors $54.45 + shipping, crimp-on connectors
 ABR Industries $133.95 + shipping, crimp-on connectors $55.95 + shipping, crimp-on connectors
 Cable X-Perts $140.91 delivered, crimp-on connectors $55.95 + shipping, crimp-on connectors
 Ham Radio Outlet $124.95 delivered, crimp-on connectors $54.95 + shipping, crimp-on connectors
 INRAD $117.95 delivered, with soldered-on connectors $52.95 + shipping, with soldered-on connectors



Install your own connectors?  Price comparison chart for cable with no connectors installed:


 How does INRAD compare?RG-213/U per foot priceRG8X per foot price
DX Engineering  $0.89 $0.38
ABR Industries  $0.94 $0.41
Cable X-Perts  $1.15 $0.59
Ham Radio Outlet  $0.99 $0.49
INRAD  $0.87 $0.36


Bulk reels for 1000 ft for RG8X and 500 ft for RG-213/U also available at a deeper discount than the per foot pricing.  Minimum order 100 ft for RG-213/U and RG8X.

Click here for the complete specification sheet for INRAD brand RG-213/U cable

Click here for the complete specification sheet for INRAD brand RG8X cable.

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