INRAD Antenna Disconnect Actuator

Reduce the chance of station damage from lightning.  The INRAD Antenna Disconnect Actuator (DCA) automatically disconnects the antenna from your radio and grounds the antenna.

Prevents static-discharge, surges and lightning-strike effects from damaging your radio and associated equipment.  The DCA is installed at the output of the transceiver, amp, or tuner in line with the antenna.  Plug the DC cable into +12VDC (ideally from the transceiver).  When transceiver power is on and +12VDC is present, the antenna is automatically connected.  When DC is off, the antenna's signal and ground are shorted together and grounded, and both are disconnected from the radio.  1500 watts power capability, 1.8-50 MHz. 


Read the Owners Manual here.

Antenna Disconnect Actuator