ECOFLEX™ top of the line high performance coaxial cable

SSB-Electronic is the #1 manufacturer of coaxial cable in Europe and their high performance Ecoflex™ cable is now available in the United States and Canada via Vibroplex.  MADE IN GERMANY

ECOFLEX coaxial cable is the best manufactured cable available on the planet today and it's available at a competitive price and only with the best connectors.

See the specification page link at the top of this page for an extensive description of product specs and the differences and similarities among these cables. 

Use links at the top of the page to order stock cable assemblies of ECOFLEX 10 cable with Amphenol PL-259's, SSB hardline-style PL-259's, SSB N male connectors.

Custom lengths with or without connectors for all grades of cable also available. 


  • BETTER COPPER DOUBLE SHIELDING.  Copper foil, covered by all copper braid.  Other cable uses aluminum tape instead of copper foil and tin-plated copper braid instead of all copper braiding.  Looking at LMR-400 or the no-name "LMR 400 type" cable?  Those style cables use tin-plated copper and aluminum tape.  Aluminum/tin is less conductive and more rigid.  Think of the purpose of shielding as "RF seal".  RF seal with resilient metals like copper is almost always better than with a more rigid metal.  Resilient metals conform to each other, making a tighter RF seal.   Interior copper foil used is additionally PE coated to prevent cracking due to short radius bends. 
  • BETTER CENTER CONDUCTOR.  7 strands of all copper (Ecoflex 10 and 15) or 7 strands of aluminum core with welded copper sheath on each strand (Ecoflex 10 Plus and 15 Plus).  Flexibility?  That's why it's called ECOFLEX.  Solid center conductor cable can stretch, break, and is unsuitable for rotator use or movement due to wind and does not allow easy routing.  Ecoflex is flexible for easy turn radius and bends.
  • DIRECT BURIAL.  All Ecoflexcables can be direct buried
  • STOCK ASSEMBLIES WITH THE BEST CONNECTORS:  All pre-built cable assemblies use quality connectors ONLY.  SSB-Electronic UHF/PL259 and N connectors are similar to hardline connectors and are unrivaled by any other connector on the market, including Amphenol.  Our assemblies are also available with genuine branded Amphenol PL259 connectors.  We DO NOT use knock-off brand or generic connectors.  Never! 
  • CUSTOM LENGTHS WITH THE BEST CONNECTORS:  Order a stock length, or customize your own.  Stock assemblies with connectors installed are sold at a discount versus the price of specifying your own length. 
  • LOWER LOSS PER 100 FT:  Lowest price vs. loss of any flexible coax cable.  Compare Ecoflex 10 / 10 Plus to Times-Microwave LMR400-UF Ultraflex or similar high-grade flexible stranded center cable.   "Dealer brand" and "400 type or equivalent" cable?  How do you know you're getting what is advertised with no-name cable?  The answer is easy: you don't.  The price reflects the shortcuts made in the manufacturing process.
  • COPPER IS BETTER:  Then why aluminum with welded copper for the center of EcoflexPlus cables?  Above 500 MHz, this center conductor is better for RF loss per foot than all copper by 5-6%, cable weight 22-33% lighter.  Ecoflex 15 Plus: Better RF loss 0-8000 MHz than 15 cable, cable weight -22% lighter.  Loss at HF for Ecoflex10 vs. Ecoflex10 Plus is virtually identical. 
  • WHAT IS "HEATEX"?  Heatex jacketed cable has a proprietary special formulation outer jacket that is fire-resistant and features lifetime-use UV resistance - the jacket will outlast the electrical usable life of the cable itself.  Use this cable for installations that are envisioned to be significantly long-term or permanent.