Parts and service are available for current VIBROPLEX and BENCHER products. 

(note:  The below presently only describes Vibroplex parts and service.  If you need Bencher parts, send us an email describing what you need to

Parts:  Repair parts for all current production model keys built 1945 to the present day are available.  We do not have pre-1945 parts.  Consult the serial number chart to find the year of manufacture of your Vibroplex key.

The most important step is this one!  To order Vibroplex parts, consult the machine drawings and parts lists links shown below for each model to determine what parts you need before contacting us.  The 4 digit part numbers on the parts list are the ones we use.  Do not use the model part numbers like VK-1 or O-20.   

Once you've got your part numbers, there are 3 ways to order.  1) Phone:  Call us at (865) 309-5073 with Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.  We are open 8:30 a.m.- 5:30 p.m. U.S. Eastern time Monday-Friday.  2) By email:  Send an email to with the part quantities, part numbers, description.  We will then total your order and email you a PayPal payment request, which you can pay with either PayPal funds or a major credit card.  3) By regular U.S. mail.  Print out the parts list, write what items you need on it and mail it with a check, money order, or credit card information to us directly.  Our address is Vibroplex, 1001 N. Broadway St., Knoxville, TN 37917.

Postage cost for small parts orders:  USA addresses typical first class mail shipping cost is $4.18.  Due to US Postal Service regulation changes in January 2018 we can no longer ship parts international first class mail at the cheaper flat envelope rate.  Typical small parts shipping cost to Canada is $13.37.  Europe, $14.30.  Asia and Australia $17.85

Service:  Service is available on current models of Vibroplex keys built 1945 to the present day and most Bencher items.  We charge a $45 standard flat fee for service work on usual repairs.  A usual repair would be a key that perhaps needs a few replacement parts, needs disassembly and cleaning, adjusting etc.  Standard service is disassemble the key to the base, clean the base, clean all the parts, replace anything heavily corroded, re-assemble, test and adjust so the key is ready to use.  Keys that will need extra labor work above the $45 standard fee are ones that are heavily rusted out/damaged, multiple broken parts, mostly or completely disassembled or have some other major issues.  You may email or phone prior to sending items for repair to assure we have parts available and can do service work on your key, but this is not required.   Do not mail a check for $45 with your key - there are return shipping costs and parts may need replacing.  We will contact you for payment after service is complete.

European Customers:  Fred, HB9JCP, does cleaning and repair service on Vibroplex keys and stocks genuine Vibroplex parts for repair purposes.

Für Europäische Besitzer:  Es besteht auch die Möglichkeit, die wichtigsten Teile auch aus Europa zu ordern.  Fred HB9JCP, hat einen kleinen Lagerbestand an Vibroplex-Originalteilen, kann aber auch Reinigungen und Reparaturen übernehmen.


BLUE RACER SEMI-AUTOMATIC "BUG" - machine drawing - parts list - adjustments

CODE WARRIOR JR. paddle - machine drawing - parts list - adjustments

RACER SERIES iambic paddles - machine drawing - parts list - adjustments

BRASS RACER SQUARE iambic paddle - machine drawing - parts list - adjustments

ORIGINAL SEMI-AUTOMATIC "BUG" keys - machine drawing - parts list - adjustments

STANDARD iambic paddles - machine drawing - parts list - adjustments

STRAIGHT KEYS - machine drawing - parts list

VIBROKEYER single lever paddle - machine drawing - parts list - adjustments



Click here for a pictorial document describing jeweled vs. non-jeweled movements.




  We have a serial number chart available by clicking this link to determine age of your VIBROPLEX key.  Please note that no model information corresponds to serial numbers - the serial number only indicates date of manufacture. 


AUTOPLEX (electromagnetic predecessor) 1902-1905.  K9WDY collection.

DOUBLE LEVER - independent dit and dah key levers.  1906-1927.  Restored by W4PAL.

MODEL X.  1911-1927.  Restored by W4PAL.

"No. 4" BLUE RACER.  1914-1966.


MIDGET. 1918-1920.

MARTIN JUNIOR (reduced size version of ORIGINAL BUG).  1921-1939.

 LIGHTNING BUG.  1927-1979.  Tech data:  machine drawing - parts list

CHAMPION - cheaper version of LIGHTNING BUG.  1939-1979.

Tech data:  machine drawing - parts list - adjustments

ZEPHYR - narrow base version of CHAMPION.  1939-1958.

BRASS RACER IAMBIC.  1982-1996 with EK-1 keyer in base.  1996-2013 without keyer.

parts list - machine drawing - adjustments

CHROME CLASSIC TRIANGLE.  Chrome version of original Brass Racer Iambic.  2013-2017.

CODE MITE miniature straight key.  1997-2010.