About Us

VIBROPLEX is the oldest continuously operating business in

Amateur Radio, founded in New York by Horace Martin, inventor of the

semi-automatic Morse Code key in 1905.

Today, 110 years later, VIBROPLEX is located in Knoxville, TN, USA and continues to manufacture the original Martin key ("Original bug") as well as a complete line of some 30 keys including bugs, iambic paddles, single-lever paddles and traditional straight keys.  These keys are manufactured in the United States of America in our offices in Knoxville.

Let us introduce you to our other product lines:  SPIDERBEAM is a German company manufacturing high-quality portable and heavy-duty wire yagi antennas, collapsible fiberglass poles and aluminum masts in heights from 33 to 85 feet, and various wire antennas and accessories.  VIBROPLEX is the exclusive distributor for USA and Canada for SPIDERBEAM products.

SSB-ELECTRONIC is a German company manufacturing high-quality VHF preamps, accessory items and the Zeus ZS-1 HF SDR transceiver.  Their most intriguing product is the EcoFlex(tm) coaxial cable line, which is bar none the highest quality cable available with the best connectors for Amateur Radio today. 

FOLDING ANTENNAS is a German company manufacturing a revolutionary new foldable hexagon beam antenna.  These antennas can be constructed for use and folded into a package measuring just 45 inches long for easy airline or car transport.  A complete line of accessories is also available.  Not only for portable use, these hexagon beams can be constructed and installed for permanent applications and are of quality and price that rivals any product available in ham radio.