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Vibroplex® - The Oldest Name in Amateur Radio.

Vibroplex® is the oldest continuously operating business in Amateur Radio, in our 113th year.  Vibroplex® manufactures Morse Code keys under the Vibroplex® and Bencher® brands.  Our keys are manufactured in the USA with 100% USA sourced parts.

Vibroplex® is also the owner of International Radio ("INRAD"), manufacturer of aftermarket crystal filters and roofing filters and the supplier of OEM filters for the Elecraft K3S transceiver.  Our new line of microphone products is the first of many new offerings coming in the future from INRAD.

With W7FG Vintage Manuals, Vibroplex® creates and ships high quality reproductions manuals for vintage amateur radios, shortwave radios, and scanners along with audio and test equipment.

In addition, Vibroplex® is the North American distributor for Spiderbeam, Easy-Rotor-Control, 4O3A Signature Products, DX Covers, and DXPatrol receivers.