Bencher BY-1 black base iambic paddle

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The underside of the BY-1 has 3 female and male disconnect terminals for ground and each of the DIT and DAH connections. HF transceivers equipped with either a 3.5mm (1/8") or 1/4" KEY input jack can be hooked right up with the EZ-1 kit. The EZ-1 has a 3 wire cable with the correct female terminals on one end for the BY-1 and BY-2, on the other end a 3.5mm connector with a 1/4" adapter included. No soldering. Plug the terminals onto the bottom of the key, plug the other end into the KEY jack on your HF rig.
  • Set spring tensioning, no adjustments to make other than desired contact spacing
  • Light touch for sending clean code
  • Powdercoated cold rolled steel base
  • Weight 3 lbs.
  • Adjustment wrench held on under the base with tool holder