DXPatrol ultra-wideband 0.1-2000 MHz receiver - $109.95! 

DXPatrol is an ultra-wideband software-defined receiver (SDR) in a surprisingly small package, measuring just 2.875" x 1.75".  It provides full-coverage reception from 100 kHz to 2 GHz (less 800 MHz cellular blocked), using your favorite open-source SDR software via Windows, Mac, Linux or Android.  It plugs into and is powered by your PC’s USB port.  You can use your Android phone or tablet instead of a PC and have a truly portable setup for shortwave and DX listening. 


Listen to signals throughout the radio spectrum using AM, FM and narrow-band signals like SSB and CW.  You can see the radio spectrum from as narrow as 50 Hz to as wide as 3 MHz!  Monitor the entire amateur 10-meter band in one screen. This is a Swiss army knife of SDRs, with applications only limited to your imagination and your software.  Scroll down this page to see the numerous applications for this little gem and where you can obtain freeware software.  To purchase this item or read the manual, scroll to the very bottom of this page. 


  • Full coverage reception from 100 kHz to 2000 MHz SDR (less 800 MHz cellular)
  • Direct sampling mode
  • Independent antenna inputs for Shortwave and VHF, selectable by a toggle switch
  • USB computer connection (micro-usb)
  • Pass-through micro-USB connection for charging when using an Android phone or tablet
  • Very high dynamic range receiver
  • High performance preamp +33 dBm IP3
  • Front end input protection on antenna jacks
  • Low noise pin-diode band switch
  • Accurate and efficient band filters
  • Very clean audio reception
  • Gold plated SMA antenna connectors
  • LED power and band indication
  • 40 MHz local oscillator for HF conversion
  • DBM balanced diode ring mixer
  • Small size board
  • Freeware software
  • Up to 3.2 M Sample rate
  • OTG USB cable included
  • SMA-BNC male adapter included
  • Shielded aluminum enclosure


A few ideas for how DXPatrol can be utilized:


Amateur radio applications


Band-hopping WSPR receiver


Listen for meteor-scatter signals on 6 or 2 meters


Monitor for band openings at 6 or 10 meters

Monitor HF propagation beacons (NCDXF) with FAROS or DXView



Create a single-band CW or RTTY activity skimmer



Create an VHF or UHF APRS Gateway



Create a band-tracking panoramic signal display for your existing HF analog receiver.



whole-band I/Q recording and playback



Extra utility receiver for your emergency jump bag


Satellite and Space


Amateur Satellite Telemetry



Amateur Satellite downlink reception using FM and SSB




Near-space balloon tracking and telemetry



Pulsar and hydrogen-line Radio astronomy



Shortwave, VHF, UHF listening


Shortwave DRM broadcast monitoring and DXing



Analog and digital VHF and UHF public service radio monitoring




High-resolution NOAA and METEOR weather satellite reception



Monitor air-traffic control and watch real-time aircraft position using ADS-B and ACARS





Monitor the marine vessel position using AIS



Non-directional beacon (NDB) DXing



Clandestine signal monitoring in HF



Part-15 reception DXing





Free Software:


The “software” part of the SDR.  Below are just a sample of the general-purpose software available, with more created frequently.

A great resource to watch is: http://www.rtl-sdr.com/big-list-rtl-sdr-supported-software/


Here are some of the more popular software options:


SDR Touch for Android.  Freeware basic version, pay version for full version.  Demo video by KD8RTT on YouTube:


SDR# (Windows, Free): http://airspy.com/download/



SDR-Radio v2 (Windows, Free): http://sdr-radio.com/Software/Download1

SDR-Radio v3 (Preview; Windows, Free): http://sdr-radio.com/v3_help


7Mhz CWT 2.PNG

HDSDR (Windows, Free): http://www.hdsdr.de/



PowerSDR (Windows, Free): http://openhpsdr.org/download.php


Gqrx SDR (Linux/Mac, Free): http://gqrx.dk/

Linrad (Windows/Linux/Mac, Free): http://www.sm5bsz.com/linuxdsp/linrad.htm


CubicSDR (Windows/Linux/Mac, Free)


Click here to download the DXPatrol MK4 user manual


DXPatrol MK4 DSP receiver

Wideband collapsible antenna