Horace Martin invented the semi-automatic "bug" code key and started the VIBROPLEX company in 1905.  He got it right on the first try, and today we are still offering Martin's original key design for the active Amateur Radio operator. The "bug" key represents a retro look back to the rich tradition of CW operation in the hobby and many of them are in use on the air today with each operator's distinctive fist giving their code transmission a unique sound on the air.  An item you can buy today, and treasure for many years to come!  Bug keys are designed for 20-50 WPM operation, but can be slowed further with the addition of the Vari-Speed device shown below.


Original Standard

Original Standard Upgraded

Original Deluxe

Original Gold

Blue Racer Standard

Blue Racer Deluxe

Round Arm Vari-Speed accessory

2 wire cable - 1/4 inch connector

3 wire cable, 3.5mm connector

Bug Dustcover

Code Practice Oscillator + cable

Code Practice Oscillator

Original Standard, left hand model

Original Deluxe, left hand model