The first single lever paddle released for use in Amateur Radio back in 1960. Unlike iambic paddles that can be squeezed to send individual letters, a single lever paddle is a single arm that pivots between the dit and dah contacts for clean sounding code sent with the electronic keyer in your transceiver. The Vibrokeyer has long been the go-to standard for DXpeditioners for the fastest, snappiest CW transmission. The knob and thumb piece arrangement reminiscent of the "bug" keys is the most ergonomically correct for CW operation.

Vibrokeyer Standard

Vibrokeyer Standard - Upgraded

Vibrokeyer Deluxe

Vibrokeyer Gold

Iambic / Vibrokeyer / Straight Key Dustcover

3 wire cable - 1/4 inch connector

3 wire cable - 3.5mm connector