Lock X: TX Master Multi-Transmitter Interlock Controller

Interlock multiple transmitters in a multi-transmitter contest environment at the push of a button. Great flexibility allows easy re-configuring for different operating situations.

The 4O3A Signature Lock X interlock controller permits either 2 or 3 transmitters to be interlocked with simple button pushing from the front panel of the unit.  Up to 3 can be interlocked with others, with interlock priority selectable or can be disabled from interlocking if not needed.

Stock, 2 non-delay PTT outputs are available for up to 3 transmitters.   Employing the use of an optional PTT extender for each transmitter, LOCK X can have up to 4 PTT outputs per transmitter, with 1 non-delay and 3 programmable delay outputs from 0 to 255 mS. 

Interlock can be configured two different ways, using either an INHIBIT signal of +12 VDC or closure to ground sent from the Lock X to a radio or using PTT outputs. 


LOCK X rear panel view

From right, TX1 TX2 TX3 inputs use either closure to ground or +12 VDC to actuate the unit.  INHIBIT OUT jacks are configurable for +12 VDC or closure to ground outputs by moving the jumper next to the jack up or down.  Each can be set independently.   PTT and INHIBIT jacks are interlocked according to front panel selections.

Each of up to 3 transmitters connected have an independent pair of no-delay PTT outputs.  The matrix of 6 pins with jumpers next to each RCA female phono jack allow the PTT outputs to be configured as normally open or normally closed with each capable of sending either a closure to ground or +12 VDC.


LOCK X front panel view

Interlock priorities can be configurable in just about any combination of events.  An example would be allowing in-band second and third transmitters interlocked with the main run radio in a multi-single contest configuration.  TX1 is RUN, TX2 is in-band rig #1, TX3 is in-band rig #2.  Priority can be set so any time TX1 TX2 or TX3 is transmitting, the other two are locked out.  You can assign first priority over the other two transmitters in any priority order you want.  If the desire is to have the TX1 run radio always have top priority, TX2 and TX3 can always be locked out and can neither transmit when TX1 is live, nor stop TX1 from transmitting.  Slow rate on the run radio?  Allow TX2 and TX3 to always stop TX1.  

The optional PTT extender, which can be connected to one of the DB-9 TX1, TX2, TX3 connectors on the rear, allows up to 4 PTT signals, 3 programmable PTT delays from 0 to 255 mS to be triggered with the 4th PTT as no delay.  Can be used for sequencing VHF equipment or to set a desired delay.  This also expands the standard contest interlocking use to a 4th transceiver if desired.