Interface Genius - the radio interface that does it all!

Interface Genius ("IG") is a USB or LAN controlled SO2R radio interface modem.  Usable for up to 2 transceivers for SO2R or multi-op contest operations.  Multiple units can be interfaced together via LAN for multiple (more than 2) transceivers in the same environment.  It is designed to be controlled by a Windows application, or can be used standalone. 

  • Full SO2R capability via USB with the use of the optional SO2R Extender, which allows connection of a second radio the main IG unit via 15 pin cable.  Alternatively use 2 IG, one per radio, for LAN control of both units for SO2R or multi-radio multi-op contest operations.
  • Dual built-in hardware soundcards.  Audio output from single input microphone plugged into IG, output radio A from IG to rig A mic jack, radio B from SO2R Extender or 2nd IG to rig B mic jack.  Independent front panel RX A and RX B knobs used for setting recording levels for transceiver(s) audio to shack computer.  Soundcard used for sending transmit audio either live or messaging to the mic inputs on transceiver(s).
  • Full CW capability with built-in WinKeyer v3.0.  CW outputs similar to SSB, single output from IF unit to radio A, radio B CW output from SO2R Extender or 2nd IG unit.  Front-panel CW speed pot, rear jack for paddle connection.  CW speed can be set independently for 2 radios.
  • Integrated direct connection capability for most Yaesu, Kenwood, Elecraft, Ten-Tec transceivers via CAT interface.  CI-V output for Icom and some Ten-Tec transceivers.  FlexRadio connection via LAN. 
  • SO2R selectable audio profiles for manual or automatic changing of receiver audio focus
  • Multi-op broadcast mode - with multiple IG units connected on LAN, have run radio audio sent to all other units for monitoring by other operators.
  • Single or dual footswitch control on SSB. 
  • "Modem mode" for remote control of connected radio with laptop instead of 2nd transceiver using Ham Radio Deluxe software
  • Coming soon:  FSK operation
  • Coming soon: "Slave mode" allows control and operation of a remote radio via the internet.  Station with antennas and transceiver with an IG at remote site is controlled by a 2nd transceiver with 2nd IG of same type locally.  Plug paddle, mic, headphones into local radio and have it control the remote radio automatically. 


Click here for the operation manual.


Interface Genius front panel  





 Interface Genius rear panel

SO2R Extender

Interface Genius

IG SO2R Extender

YDC - DC power pigtail

CAT5E cable - 7 FT