Rotator Genius TCP/IP LAN/WAN Rotator Controller


Rotator Genius ("RG") is a rotator controller that can simultaneously control one or two rotators by replacing the rotator control boxes used for manual control.  These rotators can be controlled manually from switches on the RG control head, by PC or your smartphone via LAN, or via the internet on a Virtual Private Network (VPN).   Multiple network connections to one box are possible.

More than 2 rotators can be controlled from the same software interface simultaneously by employing the use of additional Rotator Genius units. 

The central RG unit, as shown, can be mounted inside the shack or outdoors in a user-supplied waterproof enclosure.  Rotation control can be done for up to 2 rotators with a single unit.  An electromagnetic azimuth sensor (compass) is placed on the boom of the antenna and connected to the RG with a CAT5 cable. 

AC or DC low- or high-range motor rotators can be used, output voltage to the rotator is configurable in 25% steps, slow start or braking is available, single or three phase motors.   Stepped output voltage allows dissimilar rotators to be powered from the same unit - if one is 24VDC and another is 12VDC, a single power supply at 24VDC can be used with the unit only sending 12VDC to the rotor that uses it - DIP switch configurable.

Available connections are defined by DIP switches enabling low- or high-range DC motors, brake use, soft-start use, DC or AC motors and output voltage percentage.  Separate RJ jacks for up to 2 magnetic azimuth sensors and a LAN connection. 

Any commercially available rotator can be controlled with RG.  No more rotator boxes on the shelf, just point and click from software either locally or remotely.  Want to be able to control the rotator(s) locally from the RG head?  CW and CCW buttons are on the side panel.

No mechanical calibration of the electromagnetic azimuth sensor is necessary, and accuracy is to one degree.  Extra azimuth electromagnetic sensors are available for adding a second rotator to the same unit.  Azimuth sensor(s) sold as an option.  Rotator Genius can also be direct connected to various rotor brands like Hy-Gain, Yaesu, for direct control without using the sensor.  Consult the manual shown below for connection detail information.


Rotator Genius side panel.

Azimuth electromagnetic sensor


On-screen user interface for Rotator Genius.  Control multiple rotators by clicking the tabs.

Overview of connections for RG.  The control box, shown here at the base of a tower, can be mounted either close to the antennas or close to the shack, within the limitations of CAT5E wiring.

Click here to read the Rotator Genius manual


4O3A Rotator Genius

4O3A Azimuth Sensor for Rotator Genius

CAT5E cable - 7 FT