STANDARD iambic paddles

VIBROPLEX  - the standard for iambic keyer paddles.  We were the first key to market for use with electronic keyers in 1960 with the single lever VIBROKEYER paddle and followed up with the STANDARD series of iambic key paddles in the 1970's.  There are now more than 100,000 of them in use worldwide for Amateur Radio. 

What's jeweled vs. non-jeweled movements?  Click here to read information.


Iambic Standard

It's called the "Standard" for a reason - the benchmark of iambic paddles.  More than 100,000 of this model have been sold.  Standard non-jeweled spring-loaded movement iambic paddle with ECO-BLACK powdercoated textured base.  Bright decorative chrome top parts. 

Iambic Standard - Upgraded

Iambic Standard upgraded with jeweled spring-loaded movement as used on the Iambic Deluxe.  See our Technical Info page for explanation of jeweled vs. non-jeweled movements.  SPECIAL ORDER ITEM:  The upgraded version is built to order.  Allow up to 10 days for shipment from time of order.

Iambic Deluxe

The Deluxe chrome version of the VIBROPLEX iambic paddle includes bright decorative chrome base and decorative parts plus jeweled spring-loaded movement.  See our Technical Info page for explanation of jeweled vs. non-jeweled movements.

Iambic Presentation

24K gold plated brass plate on a highly polished decorative chrome base with bright chrome top parts. Its silky smooth, jeweled movements as used on the Iambic Deluxe.

Iambic Gold

The entire base is 24K gold plated, with bright decorative chrome top parts. Smooth, jeweled movements for precision control as used on the Deluxe and Presentation models.

Iambic / Vibrokeyer / Straight Key Dustcover

Acyrlic clear dustcover.  Cutouts at front for paddles and rear to allow cable connection.  Fits Iambic, Vibrokeyer and Straight keys.

3 wire cable - 1/4" connector

Model CP3.  4 ft. (120 cm) 3 wire cable to connect key to transceiver.  Stereo 1/4" plug to radio, spade lugs for key end.  Use for iambic paddles, Vibrokeyer.

3 wire cable - 3.5mm connector

Model CP3/3.5mm.  4 ft (120 cm) 3 wire cable to connect key to transceiver.  Stereo 3.5mm (1/8") plug to radio, spade lugs for key end.  Use for iambic paddles, Vibrokeyer.  Use for straight keys and bugs with one wire remaining disconnected.

Oversize conversion paddles

Oversize conversion paddles for standard iambic paddles.  Big hand?  Need more physical grip on the key?  Screw-on replacements for existing paddles on all 4 above keys, color red only.


NEW!  STICKYPADDLE reusable leather grain pad for keeping your CW paddle stuck to the desk in one place and not moving anywhere!   Washable / reusable / moveable, non-adhesive, non-magnetic.